'WILD IS THE WIND' - Poetry Bangle

'WILD IS THE WIND' - Poetry Bangle


This is an example of one of my Poetry bangles…they cost £145. This example has a wide wave etching on the oval wire band of the bangle, a cuff with the words ‘wild is the wind’ a seedhead image and two added links. Hallmarked in Birmingham. Oxidised.

You can have one of my snippets of poetry on the movable cuff, or you could commission your very own, using your favourite line from a poem, some song lyrics or just the name of someone special?

The cuff doesn’t have to have words on it…you can have an image instead…and sometimes as well as words (depending on how many words you would like. Roughly 6-9 words is possible )I usually add a link to the bangle also. See images of other examples.

I have to know your bangle size. I need an inside measurement from a bangle that fits you! For example 65mm Inside measurement would be roughly a medium size. Please see example image of how to find that measurement. Please do contact me for help if you are not at all sure.

These bangles will take approximately 1-3weeks to make for you, depending on my commitments. Please feel free to contact me to see how soon I can produce one for you.

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